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Mount Batolusong Hike, Tanay Rizal 2024
Sunrise at Mt. Batolusong

Last Saturday, my work friends and I hiked Mt. Batolusong. We're all beginners and for most of the group it was their first time to hike. I've had the interest and desire to hike more ever since my Mt. Pinatubo hike with high school friends, so I'm glad we were able to organize this one and this time with a much bigger group. My body is still aching as I write this blog entry, but it's the kind of ache I wouldn't mind having if I were to do it all over again <3 Allow me to share our experience in long form~

Mt. Batolusong Hike, February 2024

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Mt. Pinatubo Hike, Capas Tarlac 2023

I truly have a penchant for being in nature and I think hiking is one of the best ways to immerse oneself. I'm writing this while my memory is still fresh, because I want to remember it all as much as possible. I also want to share more of my experience for dear readers who are also lovers of nature and might want to get into hiking. :-) 

Hiking feels like a combination of two of my favorite things: walking long distances and nature. The walk is a lot more challenging in hiking of course, what with ascents and rope segments.... but I love the challenge. I also like the feeling of being small in this world when I'm surrounded by nature; seeing all the greens, being under the sun, and admiring its beauty up close humbles me a lot. 

Mt. Pinatubo Hike, December 2023

Monday, February 26, 2024


I've been spending these past few days just resting and reflecting on the year that was. And now that a brand new year has come, it's another opportunity to explore and try new things or to carry over the things we've loved from the previous year (but of course, we can start anything at any time, don't wait for the new year ;-) ).  

I've tried a lot of things last year, and some have left a deep impression in me, so much that I've been wanting to share all these with you, in long form writing: 

5 Things I Learned To Love in 2023

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

I went to Hanoi Vietnam with two of my high school friends last October. It was a fun girls trip with everything we loved doing because we each had the opportunity to enjoy each others' interests. One of these would be how we got to go biking on two occasions-- first would be around West Lake (took us 2 hours to complete the loop), then second would be in the countryside (the lovely Ninh Binh). Another would be when we intentionally went on a hunt for a camera shop since our friend is an avid film fan. The shop was not easily seen as it was hidden in an alleyway. I had to remind myself that we were in Vietnam and we had to be more careful and observant with the signages and really follow Google maps closely. :")

In every trip however, there will always be time to spend for common interests and one of ours would be cafe-hopping. Experiencing the cafe coffee culture in Vietnam is a must! I'm not a huge coffee fan, but I don't mind drinking coffee everyday while here. I can say that I like the taste and it doesn't make my heart palpitate like crazy.. maybe it's because of the condensed milk, but it's really just so good. 

The cafe culture is very present here as well. I admire how they get creative with their space; some are well-hidden inside the alleyways while some are out there with outside seating for people to simply sit and do some people watching. 

There are so many cafes to be explored while here and I'm confident each shop has good coffee to offer. We explored as much as we could and the places we went to were either researched beforehand, came from recommendations, or purely stumbled upon. I made Instagram reels of the cafes we went to, but I wanted to write a bit about them as well in list form on this blog. Allow me to share a bit of my personal experience and anecdotes :)

Cafes and Art Spaces in Hanoi

Saturday, December 23, 2023

 Garden set found in Hatch Coffee, Baguio

I've been to Baguio twice so far this year. I've shared most of my photos on Instagram, but I wanted to document the food places I've been to on here as well since I have this habit of rereading my past blog entries. It'll be my reference for whenever I find myself back up there again and hopefully you'd get to try them out as well! 

Whenever I'm in Baguio it's almost always a food trip, wherein my friends and I would go cafe hopping and dine in good restaurants. Sometimes I ask myself: what makes it any different from doing it here in Manila? I guess just the idea of being away from tall buildings, being surrounded by mountain views and pine trees, having easy access to parks, and reveling in the refreshingly cold weather-- all these things while eating good food makes all the difference. 

This entry will be a long one, but please do allow me to share with you my favorite places to eat in Baguio.. along with some of my personal anecdotes! :-) 

Where To Eat in Baguio

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

I read these books last year, all within the month of September. Forgive me for sharing so late!! But I'm happy to be writing all about the books that have helped me stay rooted to myself. 

Reads From The Previous Year

Monday, June 5, 2023