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Hello, I'm Anna and twenty three years old. I graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in AB Psychology. I am now a young professional who works in the office by day, and I pursue and share my hobbies, interests, and passions through my blog by night. This space is for sharing my thoughts and interests with you, and thus I consider it a personal and lifestyle blog.

I love a lot of things, ranging from art, nature, prose, films, music, writing, trying new things, and going places.

I am in the middle of the introversion-extroversion scale. Family and friends closest to me know this to be true.

I am a Born-again Christian, and I cannot stop praising His Name. My heart and all of who I am belongs to Him. He is my joy, my peace, and my strength.

The J in Hello Anna Jo is not silent, as it reminds me of one of the sisters from Little Women and would've loved to have Jo as a first/second name!

Stay around, dear reader! ♡

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