Thursday, October 20, 2016

I'VE WATCHED: Films Lately

I think I need to start making a masterlist of the Japanese films I've watched, similar to my Korean Drama list... soon, maybe. But then sometimes I feel the need to write more than just one paragraph about a movie I've watched. And besides, these are movies, so I find that a great deal of introspection (in relation to the film just watched) is necessary.

I loved anime, manga and Japanese entertainment ranging from Jpop, Jrock, and following celebreties on Ameba, since grade school. But I only explored live-action and movies recently. I think it's because of my interest in Kdrama and evolution from anime to live-action dramas that made me want to explore more. 

But oh my, I watched anime series too this week. I might as well include those on this post.

The following paragraphs are filled with spoilers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bohol 2016

I just got back from my trip to Bohol! It was a pleasant one; not at all stressful, since the activities were spread out (too much for my liking to be honest, huhu it kind of dragged on) for some days. I just felt like writing about it now, because I missed writing, the sound of my laptop keyboard clacking, and it's raining lightly outside. It's good time to write, indeed.

I went with my family. Quick personal notes~~ My sister came back from the UK a week ago, and ever since then I've been spending time with her since. It's her first time to come back home here in the Philippines after two years, so I was pretty excited for her (even though admittedly she wasn't very much haha). We spent the first few days of her visit running around some of her errands, some of which involved going to her school all the way in Dasma, Cavite. I drove! Yes I'm pretty proud of that. We also went shopping around for some home-ware for her flat. Everything is on a budget, though.

Last year, we went to the US during my four month summer break, so that was how we spent time together as a family. So this year, my sister wanted to experience Philippines again. So what better way was to travel domestically and visit one of the renowned islands here in the Philippines... which was Bohol!

In a few words, I could say that Bohol is definitely beautiful. On our first day, we had the countryside tour, which consisted of the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Man-made Mahogany forest, Hanging Bridge, Loboc River, and Baclayon Church.

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