Island Weekend

10:34 PM

I went to Catanduanes island over the weekend. My grandparents were born and raised on this island which is why my parents and I get to visit occasionally. Back when I was still small though, we would visit almost every summer. I guess this is why I have become fond of going here even if I'm already in my early adult years.

I believe I've made a few posts on why I love Catanduanes a few years back here on this blog, but I never really did write a full blown post about my trip. My previous trips were longer though, spanning from four days to a week, but since I started working, I could only afford to visit over the weekend, which consisted of Friday - Sunday. 


Favorite Podcasts Lately

1:33 PM

Sharing with you my favorite podcasts lately! These are the ones that sparked ideas inside my head and made me feel inspired during my commutes to work. I hope you get inspired by these, too!

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash