Monday, December 3, 2018

Why A Small Christmas Tree is All You Need

I grew up with a big Christmas tree, and setting it up has always been a family bonding activity. But then as the years passed, my big sis grew older, and so did I. Eventually, she moved out of the country, I went to college and moved out of the house, and then now I'm back again in our house after graduating. The Christmas tree has become a lot smaller since.

My dad would bring down the big Christmas tree from upstairs and down to the living room. He'd set each level of the tree one by one while my sister and I would run around, getting the decorations: balls, lights, bells, and star. Then, we'd start placing everything on the tree while Christmas songs play out and fill the air; it's almost always The Carpenters playing on repeat. 

But then now as grown ups, our Christmas tree has gotten much smaller. Over the years I was living away from home, my mom called me one day in December and said: "I've cut our Christmas Tree shorter.". I was horrified. "Why?" I exclaimed. Having a big Christmas tree was my childhood, something I looked forward to every year. She said it was because she was the only one decorating the tree and that there's no one to help her now. I thought about it, and what she said made sense. I didn't spend much time at home, which meant I couldn't help set up the tree. It requires much physical effort after all, especially if the tree is big. 

I realized many things about having a big tree, and why maybe having a small tree isn't so bad.

It's part of tradition to have a Christmas tree in the living room, and almost always one of the main attractions during family reunions. It's probably the first thing anyone sees upon entering the house of a relative, as it lifts everyone's spirit and reminds everyone that it truly is Christmas. It's the same for the person who took much effort to decorate the tree; it must've taken days, or weeks even for them to figure out which decorations to use, which color of light to put on, etc. All the focus inevitably goes to the tree. 

But imagine if you were to take out the tree, would you still feel like it's Christmas? Or has all our attention and energy shifted towards the tree, that without one it wouldn't feel like Christmas at all? It should be that with or without the tree, we'll still be able to celebrate Christmas. Our anticipation shouldn't be on the tree that we decorate, but on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas in our hearts isn't a feeling that comes every time we see lighted Christmas trees, ornaments, and such, but because Love came down to this earth in human form. A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices. 

There are even some families who can't afford to buy a tree, yet they're able to celebrate it together. This also serves as a reminder to live within our means. Christmas comes once a year, and thus these ornaments come out once a year as well, so we have to assess how we spend. We have to become wise and responsible with our resources, especially in a season where it's easy to spend what with all the enticing sales and dazzling deals and promotions. Instead of spending on Christmas ornaments, we can spend on more important things, such as home appliances that need repairs or replacements, or even replacing your broken office shoes (note to myself haha).

Then there's also space. Having a small Christmas tree is fun because it doesn't take up much space at all. You can easily relocate it anywhere in the house, or you can bring it inside your room, too. It's easy to set up, doesn't take much time, and it's cute. :")

How are you decorating your tree this year?


  1. Having a small tree definitely isn't bad. I have a 1ft tree in my cubicle at work that's decorated with lights and ornaments. You're still celebrating Christmas but without all of the hassle of putting it up or taking it down. I agree with you about how we should assess with how we spend our money. I mean it's good to spend a little - keep the vibes up :).

    Nancy ♥

    1. It's lovely to have a small tree :) it feels more minimalist at the same time!


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