Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Surviving Holiday Traffic

If you're a (highly frustrated) commuter like me, we might share the same sentiments with being stuck in traffic for prolonged periods of time.

I thought of this while stuck in traffic and I was hungry and tired. You'll definitely know that Christmas is near when it starts getting traffic all the time, even when you know it's not supposed to be traffic. Here are some #NotesToSelf and maybe for you as well.

Put snacks in your bag
I think I'll always have skyflakes inside my bag from now on. It's hard leaving the office without eating anything, and it's even harder when hunger strikes while in the middle of the commute. It makes your mood worse, and it's easier to think of unpleasant thoughts when you're hungry. At this point I remember pulling out my phone and ranting to people, which could've been avoided if only I had crackers with me, or if I had taken a light snack before I left the office.

Mental lists
How did I get ideas for Blogmas??? By making lists. Tons of them. Then I filtered them out; what did I really want to write about? What's feasible? How can I make this different? How can I make this work for me? That 1-2 hours of being cramped inside the van has this one perk, wherein you get to be stuck with your thoughts. Make sure you write them down somewhere though.

Wait it out
This is a hit or miss; there's no guarantee that if you wait it out until 9PM, then it surely won't be traffic anymore. I think it's best to just assume that it'll always be traffic no matter what time it is. So it's good to just get dinner, do some gift shopping/window shopping, and mentally prepare yourself.

Go home with a friend
So you can both go home together and suffer in traffic together. Just kidding.

Or you can spend the time catching up, or they can help you brainstorm about something (like, topics for Blogmas). It's helpful because you get to ask for second opinion. It's always much better to have someone to talk to during these times. It makes the situation less stressful and tiring.

Have something to look forward to after work
It could be dinner with a friend, or a movie you've been planning to watch, or simply have something to take your mind off traffic. Just thinking about it drains my energy completely. But then we are fighters, and we shall not succumb to weak thinking!!


How do you survive holiday traffic?

Photo by Thaddaeus Lim from Unsplash

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