Friday, December 7, 2018

Planning Your Gathering

Planning a get together isn't so easy especially now as adults.

I realized how much easier it was back then when we were in closer proximity with our friends because we often see them in school, or we had still had school breaks. But then now as adults, it's much more difficult to meet. There's no such thing as a break, they're just called weekends. Unless you take time off work, but that's limited. Sometimes we're even glad to meet at least once a year; the rest is all in group chats and phone calls.

Often these kinds of gatherings happen during Christmas season, when most people go out of their way to really meet with loved ones. Lately I've been taking charge of organizing these gatherings and I'm learning a lot as I go. Here's some questions and action points that help me a great deal:

Who's Coming?
Know the people you want to invite, or if there's already an existing group, you can ask them if they want to meet up. This can be hard for big groups, so I personally like a small crowd. It's easier to plan, and it's easier to get their availability, which leads us to my second point:

Save the date
It's important to know when everyone's most available. I recommend using Doodle! It basically allows everyone to plot their most available date in the calendar. I got this from when my workmates would set meetings.

Where's the party?
The next thing is to know where to hold the gathering. Things to consider would be to know how many you are, and what kind of food they like to eat. Or if you're lucky, one of your friends can host it in their house. It's also nice to consider doing something together that you all haven't done before, so that it'll be a new experience! You'll always remember that "heyyy last Christmas we did something different!".

Gift Exchange
Organize it with the Secret Santa Organizer! I got this website from a colleague from work. One person in the group will collect everyone's codenames and email addresses, then they'll be the ones to input it in the website. Secret Santa Organizer will then send out emails informing the recipient of the codename randomly assigned to them. The website will also email you regarding your wishlist. Neat!

But then if you want something simple, then you can just simply exchange gifts, especially if you're just a small crowd. ♡♡♡

A simple gathering I want to share about was when two of my church friends and I spent an afternoon catching up and exchanging gifts over tea! We had this last December 1, the first of many gatherings for the month for us. :")

It was indeed quali-TEA time with my big sisters!!! : - )

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