Tuesday, December 4, 2018

On Being A December Baby

Celebrating my birthday on December is a weird feeling. Weird, but in a good way, promise.

  • I'm the last to turn old. For example, for those born in 1995, this year of 2018, majority must've spent their year as 23 year olds, while I on the other hand will only turn 23 in December. This means I'll only have a few weeks of being 23 in the year of 2018. I have the rest of 2019 to be 23 while the rest turns 24. I tried to explain this in the simplest way. Please let me know if this is unclear to you hehe.

  • It's traffic everywhere especially when your birthday is near Christmas, so it's most likely that your day will be spent at home or just in school or in the office because really, no one wants to spend their birthday stuck in traffic.

  • All the restaurants are booked so you better book months before. Literally monthS before.

  • Gifts from friends come only once a year. I'm not really a gifts person to be honest, I'd rather hang out with you than receive a gift from you, but it's really awesome and unexpected whenever I receive double gifts in December. 

  • I rarely get to spend my birthday with other people because it's most likely that they're already on vacation. Unless I throw a party at my house and invite everyone way way in advance, which was what I did when I turned 20!

  • I get doubly excited for December. Although due to my excitement for my birthday and Christmas day, I feel like the days go by too fast. There's so many events too prior to those two special days, then before I know it, it's already January. 

  • Everyone's in a festive spirit, but they always always bring up how close it is to Christmas. 

Don't get me wrong, I have no issue about having my birthday on December. It makes me feel a bit more youthful, and it's something I genuinely look forward to. It's not all that bad, really because it's not all about me either. Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner doubles the anticipation I feel. I love seeing everyone else around me feeling happier than they are in all the other months of the year.

Photo by Audrey Fretz from Unsplash

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