Wednesday, December 12, 2018

For When We Need Some Inspo

Last day of Blogmas! Those 12 days flew by, I swear.

I honestly don't know what to write about for the last day; I've had so many ideas whirling around my head last month. Some days I thought I had enough ideas, then none the next. Doing challenges like this one is sometimes funny, but I do it because I enjoy it. And it's my first time to post for consecutive days. Amazing!

I make lists on a daily basis, but it's always for my work to-do list. While I find that my list-making habit is helpful in how I go about my day, I now want to make a list of things that inspired me while writing Blogmas, or well actually just blogging in general.

1. Daily conversations with family and friends help to lighten my mood and laugh a bit

2. Taking a restroom break forces me to stand up and walk to the bathroom which allows my blood to circulate

3. Since this is part of my Blogmas series, I'll include: Lighting up my Christmas tree. Everyday when I get home from work, or when I set up my laptop and type type away in the living room, I plug in the lights of my tree and I instantly perk up seeing the dazzling lights

4. Doing my laundry in between helps me stand up as well and walk from one place to another so I won't remain sedentary

5. This is recent, but I've been playing with my eyeshadow palettes a lot. Fixing myself up is fun lately, maybe because I'm new to this whole make up thing. And when I say make up thing, I mean applying eyeshadow. I think this skill intimidated me the most about make up but now I'm enjoying it.

6. Take a nap. I always felt guilty back in college for taking naps, but really, my mind feels instantly refreshed after doing so. No ragrets.

7. If ever you pass by the mall, go inside the craft stores and book shops. You'll never know what you find.

8. Play your instrument. I try to play my flute for at least 10 minutes a day to practice my embochure (lip placement.. this instrument is a lot more complex than it actually is and it's a shame I'm only realizing this now.)

9. Watch a vlog. I've been watching CatCreature recently, and she's doing her version of Vlogmas entilted December Daily! It's nothing Christmas-related, but just seeing her go on about her day is calming and inspiring already in itself.

10. Go through your phone's camera roll and realize that so much of life has happened while you were so busy taking that picture-perfect shot of whatever it is that you wanted to capture. And some of those photos might be something you can share about too.

11. Drink water. It seems that my cure-all for anything is really just water. Whenever someone coughs or sneezes, or they tell me there's a discomfort somewhere in their body, I always say: water! Hyrdate yourself. I don't know why it's become so automatic, but I really just love water.

12. Do free-writing. This is some sort of pre-writing wherein you just type type type and scribble scribble scriiiibble continuously without stopping to check if you've made a grammatical error or if you missed out on a punctuation mark. It can get messy but it's fun to organize everything right after. Or maybe it's really just in my nature to want to fix sentences.

13. Do the thing you needed to do but you keep putting off to do. It could be cutting your nails, or plucking your eyebrows, or cleaning your make up brushes.

14. Volunteer to drive your parents or do the errands. This is something I'm working on, really. I sometimes feel like I never get better with my driving skills, but I'm really trying best. Really. But somehow, driving feels nice especially when there's no traffic, and you can see the blue sky and the tall green grass waving outside your car window.

15. Look at your drafts. This has helped me countless of times, because I always make sure to write down whatever thoughts I have in mind then save it for later when I have the courage to continue writing about it.

16. Flip through magazine pages, or online zines. Lately for me, it's been girlboss. They've got lots of knowledge nuggets from empowering boss ladies.

17. Wash your face. Nothing can be more refreshing than splashing your face with cold water. Really! It wakes me up and energizes me to do the thing I need to do.

18. Do stretches. I lie down on my yoga mat, close my eyes, and do some stretches. It's calming and helps me think better.

19. Eat banana. Instead of chocolates or chips, might as well eat something healthy.

20. Don't make a list with the end in mind. Just keep going until there's nothing left. I think it's key to empty the mind of everything, whatever it is, write it down. Keep writing till you produce something you're happy to share with others.

Okay, that's a long list. But I think that's because I was inspired to make this list.

I hope you stay inspired too, dear reader. Blogmas, series, or whatever, just keep going. I guess this is the end of my Blogmas, Hello Anna Jo edition as I'd like to call it, but I'll still be around this month to write some more, maybe. We'll see. Happy holidays! :-)

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