Saturday, December 8, 2018

DIY: Paper Bag Gift Wrapping Guide

My love language is definitely not Gifts. But since I'm already part of the workforce, I figured it was high time for me to start giving back and blessing others, because it's something I wasn't capable of doing back when I was still a student and not yet earning money.

I like receiving gifts, but I'm not used to the idea of giving them. Many thoughts run inside my head before I can buy the item, wrap it up, then give to the person. But I'm now challenging my thoughts and I've decided to give gifts this Christmas!

One of the things I was excited to do was to be creative with how I wrap my gifts. I have to get it out there that I'm not the best with wrapping; I don't get the sides even, I don't cut straight, I use too much tapes, etc etc. So I thought of other ways that don't really involve much wrapping, and the idea that came to mind was paper bags.

It sounds bland, and don't you use that for groceries? True enough. But if you want to be resourceful and save a few bucks with gift wrappers, then you can always be resourceful and try. The next question that came to mind was how was I going to personalize it?

This is the real mess!!!!

For smaller gifts, I actually just used the doily and wrapped them with twine.

It was quite random, but I was walking around the supermarket and came across the aisle of party decorations and saw that they were selling packets of paper doilies. I like doilies; I've always attempted to crochet them, but to no avail. Maybe when I have more time and patience.

Before I could post this blog entry, I waited until the day of our office team's Kris Kringle and Gift Giving event has passed so they wouldn't easily guess which gift I wrapped. :")


  • Paperbag
  • Doily
  • Twine
  • Wooden alphabet stamp set
  • Stamp pad
  • Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Depending on how big your gift will be, you can adjust the size of your paper bag by cutting it to your desired size. It's good to have a large paper bag so you can easily adjust it. 
  2. Paste the paper doily onto the back side of your paper bag. I also stamped the name of the person onto it, thinking that it can also serve as a name tag.
  3. You have the option of folding the upper portion from where the bag opens, or you can just simply punch the holes straight. 
  4. Tie it around with the twine. You can be creative with how long you want it to be or how big your bow is. For instance, I measure one yard starting from my right shoulder then hold up my whole left arm and let the measurement end at my left thumb.
It's really simple. You can definitely be creative and personal in how you wrap your gifts.

I'm sharing more ideas that I found on Pinterest! Click on the image to be redirected to the Pinterest post.


How are you wrapping your gifts this Christmas? 


  1. Love these ideas so much. Wrapping is my favorite part of Christmas (I know- I'm weird!) I've never though to use the doilies!

  2. So super cute! I love the simplicity. I love the creative side of wrapping, and how fun it can be!

  3. I absolutely love these gift bags! What a creative and cute idea! Thank you for this tutorial.

  4. What a cool way to take a bland and lazy way to wrap something (I've totally done JUST a paper bag before and felt no shame!) and make it super special and thoughtful. I love things like this! Great idea.

  5. So pretty. Will be using it to wrap my Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing

  6. You know what I like it. It's nothing fancy, simple but easy and most especially inexpensive and environment friendly.

  7. Great DIY guide here. I love the finished product!
    xoxo Carolyn @

  8. Very cute! This will make a fun project for my kids this weekend...

  9. This is so cute and budget friendly! It is great to give to those acquaintances or anyone really!


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