Sunday, November 4, 2018

*Shiny New Spectacles* + Life Updates

New glasses and a bit of a lifestyle change.

I got these from OWNDAYS! This isn't a paid post nor am I sponsored for this, but I want to express how satisfied I am with their service, and the glasses itself.

I have to admit that I took a considerably long time in choosing which frames to get, because there's a lot to choose from. I remember back when I was still in my teens, it didn't matter whether the frames would match my face shape, or if it was a good color that would match me; all that mattered were the lenses. But gone are those days now, because there's lots of optical shops that offer glasses frames in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

While I appreciate the variety, the comfort and lenses should always still be priority. That's one thing I can say about OWNDAYS. Their check up was thorough, and they offered additional services only as they see fit, such as progressive lenses, blue shield for protection from blue light, transition lenses, etc.

Another great thing is that their ultra thin lenses don't have additional charge unlike other optical shops. It's their standard to offer this to their customers, which I think shows great consideration for those who have high eye grades. It sucks to wear glasses that would slide off your face and one that you'll keep having to raise up to your nose bridge from time to time.

This is now my new favorite pair, no doubt! The frames aren't too thick, and the side rims are thin. There's also nose pads for a change. I never really liked nose pads because my face is oily, but we'll see how it goes. OWNDAYS offers free pad replacements each time you need it.

Showing off the ruffle sleeves of a recently thrifted blouse. Hihi

My eye grade is now a whopping 350 in both eyes. Finding out about how my eye grade has increased within a year's time made me think a bit of what I should be doing less of, and what I could be doing more of instead. I thought of the activities that I typically engaged in, and realized most of it is composed of staring in front of the computer/phone screen for prolonged periods of time.

I love and hate social media at the same time. For one, it's the fastest way to stay updated on other people's lives and to be aware of latest trends, events, and happenings worldwide. But it also takes up so much of my time. Every time I'm on the way home from work, I don't think there's ever a time when I'd just sit inside the van and look outside the window and just be properly.. bored; I'm always on my phone, scrolling and scrolling endlessly on my feed/timeline, whatever you call it. I don't know if bored is the right term, but people have this general notion that they need to be doing something all the time. I'm probably one of those people.

And so this may have led to the decline of my eyesight? Probably not entirely, but it could be one of the contributors, and one that I could say is consistent in my present life, and the past years.

So of course, I won't end without sharing how I intend to make a few changes in my lifestyle, because I'd like to think that I'm a pro-active person!
  • Exercising after work : Again with the exercise. It comes up on my list all the time. But it's better than coming home and glueing my eyes on yet another screen. I recently bought a yoga mat so I could try doing pilates, so let's see how that goes! 
  • The 10 Minute Break : In an office job, it's inevitable to not stare at the screen for my work. It's honestly tempting though to finish the work ASAP and not stand from my desk. Baby steps though, I plan to post reminders on my wall or even create alarms on my phone just for that 10 minute break. 
  • Making the fonts bigger : This sounds like a grandma move to make, but I've made the font of my browser and Outlook a bit bigger just so I won't have to strain my eyes.
  • Resting my eyes while in commute : It's quite self-explanatory, but it's actually nice to see the lights outside the van window which allows more space for my thoughts to wander. As I mentioned earlier, people have that habit of staring at their phones even while inside the poorly lit van. 
And then a few more life updates. GUys, it's NOvemberR already! The year is coming to a close.

  • I now know how to do my own makeup, confidently so.
  • I can drive around more now; my latest roadtrip was to Tagaytay with my parents. BABYSTEPSGUYS
  • Been trying out pilates. I bought my own yoga mat and I've been happier since. 
  • Cut my hair short and so I'm back to my bobbed curls. 
  • I've been expanding my earring collection. Any online shops you guys recommend?
  • I won't lie, but the workload in the office has increased in volume these past few weeks. But I'm thankful that I now have time to write more. Please look forward to more entries from me!

So yes, basically less screen time is key, and by doing so, I shift my focus on other value-adding activities while at the same time, saving my eye sight.


Thanks for reading, dear reader!


  1. As someone who also has terrible eyesight, I found this post to be inspiring! It's so great that you're being proactive in helping your eyesight and improving your lifestyle. I hope it goes well and that you find more joy in the process!

    1. People with terrible eyesight, unite! :)) having high eye grade for a 22 yr old scared me a bit, so I knew some things had to change. Thanks for your well wishes, Hannah! :)

  2. Glad you're loving your new frames! They look great on you and I am loving the different accents on the frames. I feel the same with you about social media. While it's great to see what people are up to, it's a time sucker. I like these changes you've adopted! Exercising is great for your health! Even though I like small fonts, I should consider doing the same, especially when I spend my life on the computer at work. KEEP IT UP!!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thank you Nancy!! It's hard to find frames I truly love. And re: social media, it's always much better to catch up in person rather than saying "oh hey I saw your post online, care to give more context?" --- because this feels a bit more stalkerish for me. Making my fonts bigger felt silly at first, but it's made quite a difference; I don't have to squint much anymore. And yes, many jobs nowadays require the computer, so it's really up to us to take care of our eyes!

  3. Hello! Lovely post. You look awesome in your new glasses! <3 Congratulations on everything you've reached recently. That's so cool you exercise more :) I'm too lazy for that, haha! Btw, I've just nominated you for an award! <3 Here's the link:

    1. Hello Ann, thanks so much! :") exercise is on and off for me, but I always try to make time for it. And thank you again, I'll be sure to check out your post! Would love to see who you follow;)

  4. I love these frames on you. I also have glasses and am looking to update soon! I always have to zoom in on my laptop and phone so I can actually read clearly with feeling like my eyes are strained!

    1. Thanks Kate! :) fonts are one of my struggles indeed, and it's nice to know I'm not alone :") would love to read your blog entry on your glasses!


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