Wednesday, October 10, 2018

BLOG THINGS: Writing Habits

What happens when you write consistently? You develop habits, and hopefully they're effective!

Habits are formed usually when one does something consistently. Over time, I've listed down a few that I've observed in myself:

Windows Notepad
I write first on Notepad before I transfer it to Blogger. I used to write stories on Notepad a lot back when I was still small and the internet was only dial-up connection. Maybe I like the font? Maybe I like how it looks like I've written a lot, then I get all excited to fill it out even more. It loads faster as well compared to a Word document, wherein there's those margins, and the tendency for it to crash at times. But the sad part with Notepad is that there's no auto-save function, so when I accidentally close it, it's gone forever. But thankfully, it hasn't happened yet..

In Betweens
I do lots of things in between while writing. I stand up, I take a restroom break, I drink a glass of water, then go back to writing again. There are times during weekends when I also stand up, take a bath, do my laundry, or talk to my mom, then go back to typing on my laptop afterwards. I take these opportunities because the best ideas come while doing other things.

Writing On The Go
I write during my commutes. One time, while the bus I was taking was stuck in traffic for almost 30 minutes at the same freaking spot!!, I used that time to brainstorm at least 10 topics I've been meaning to write about. I wrote the premise of each one, then thought of the flow on how I would write about these things.

Also, whenever I take the van for my commute, it's almost always dark and everyone's crammed inside without much space to move. I still open my phone and type while the van's moving. It hurts my eyes after a full day of working in front of my laptop screen, but nothing gets in the way of me wanting to note down every idea that comes in.

I Look At Something Green
If you follow my Instagram, it's no secret that green is my favorite color. It has nothing to do with a certain school that I'm affiliated with for the past 16 years or so, but looking at nature is very calming. I find that it helps me think better, and I'm just fond of seeing something look so still yet know that it's a living thing.

Free Writing 
I love free writing. I do a lot of free writing with pen and paper, then transfer it to Blogger. This is when I arrive at the office early and I don't want to start with work yet. It's fun to do free writing because it feels like talking; I could go on and on until my hand hurts. I also like to read what I've written right after. Sometimes it's funny, but sometimes I surprise myself and think that there's no need to edit it anymore.

Lately I Listen To The Beatles
Do you like listening to music while writing? I'm fine with either having music/background noise or writing in a quiet space. But lately I've been listening to my Beatles playlist a lot, and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon. I have a mix of their upbeat and melancholic tunes. You can see my playlist here! I know I'm uncreative, but I simply named my playlist 'Beatles'.... haha! I'll think of a better name some time soon.

I have a lot of drafts sitting here waiting to be published. I've established a rule for myself, that I won't publish half-baked entries for the sake of updating the blog. What I choose to publish, I know I'm happy with. :-)


I can say that writing has improved the quality of my life, in a way. It's something I look forward to do after a long day at work, and it's made me creative in many ways. 

What are your writing habits?

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  1. This is also what I do, though unfortunately don't find much time to binge-write a lot these days :-( Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah / stained tale

    1. Been trying to squeeze in some writing time in between work too, lately! :")


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