Oh hey it's a Song about Pizza

12:46 PM

This music video is the story of my life. Except there was no one to share the pizza with in the first place. Haha! Which is why, pizza is pizza. It won't suck regardless there is someone I share it with or not because I would most likely want to have the whole of it.

I've shared about Oohyo in one of my previous entries. I'm so glad that she released another song, and it's in English! Really, it's as if there's not a hint that she's Korean when she sings in English. I especially like the visuals in this one; it's so simple yet pleasing to the eyes.

But then more than the visuals, I love how this song is so catchy yet it brings about a melancholic feel. It's strange to feel melancholy when I can't really say that I have a solid experience with anyone. Probably a little something here and there but nothing quite concrete.

I stated earlier that this music video was the story of my life mainly because of how the lyrics went on about social media and not wanting to impress anyone. I guess I relate most with that part because I've been wanting to live a low-key life, just surrounded by those I love and personally talking with them when it comes to important life updates. I find there is more connection that way than when I see 'likes' on a facebook or instagram photo.

Or maybe this is really just me being lazy to update often.... haha. But then I believe we're all responsible with what we post and what we choose to share online. Either way, I think the low-key life is still achievable. Ways to make that possible is to not install too many apps on my phone, and to only have a specific time when to check Facebook or any other social media account. That's basically it!

Going back to the song itself, although its central focus is on love, I like how I got to extract some other thoughts from hearing it despite it not necessarily being about love. Although it was not because of a break up or a what-could-have-been situation for me, I still enjoy this song very much.

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